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Welcome To Argosy University/Twin Cities
Alumni and Friend Page!

Program Goals
The purpose of the program is to assist students with professional development and the pursuit of their career goals by linking them with knowledgeable and experienced alumni and friend mentors. Mentors assist students with career exploration, decision making, and networking. They also provide general professional guidance and outline steps students can take to enhance their career.

Why Become a Mentor
The Mentor Program gives alumni and friends the opportunity to foster growth within their profession while making a difference in students' lives. The gift of your experience and guidance is an invaluable asset that will benefit students for years to come.

How It Works
Alumni and friends interested in being mentors fill out the “Alumni and Friends Mentor Program Form” and submit it to Andy Sykes, Director of Career Services. Alumni and Friends are then paired with interested students. Both parties are notified (via email if possible), given contact information, and encouraged to connect with each other. Mentors and students can determine the type of contact information exchanged, whether it is phone, e-mail or both. Students are never given mentor addresses.

Mentor Roles
Mentors should be committed to the program and be reasonably available to talk with students. They should provide general information about their profession and be open to giving career guidance. They should be honest with their student(s) and give both praise and constructive criticism as warranted. Mentors should not assist students with homework or tests. It is appropriate for mentors to discuss information students should know for their career, but specific advice about course selection and academic advising should be left to students' advisors.

Time Commitment
Mentors choose the number of students they wish to work with and the intensity of the mentoring relationship(s). Some students wish to develop an extended relationship that will last throughout the duration of their program. Others wish to talk once or twice to get answers to specific questions or to obtain general information. In the end, mentors can devote as little or as much time as they like but we do ask that they are willing to have at least one e-mail or phone conversation with each student with whom they are paired.

Choosing A Number of Students to Mentor
There is a great need for mentors and we are delighted when volunteers are willing to work with more than one student. However, we understand that your time is valuable and do not want to overwhelm you with student requests for guidance. When you sign up for the program, you can choose between students interested in long term relationships or those interested in contacting you one or two times. You can also choose the number of students with whom you wish to be paired.

Student Participation
Students are allowed to participate in the program as long as they are currently enrolled at Argosy University/Twin Cities and have not violated the institution's code of student conduct. Mentors should note that although students with code of conduct violations cannot participate, Argosy University/Twin Cities does not screen students in any other way.

Connecting With Students
Mentors are encouraged to connect with students via phone and e-mail. Face to face meetings are also beneficial but should always take place in public areas. Mentors should never go to a student's residence or invite students to their home. Periodically, Career Services will host receptions where program participants can meet. In the rare chance that mentors experience inappropriate behavior from a student, they should contact Andy Sykes, the Director of Career Services, immediately. Any reports of inappropriate behavior will be investigated immediately and appropriately addressed by Argosy University/Twin Cities.

Program Evaluation
After an appropriate length of time has passed, both the mentor and student will be sent an evaluation form and asked to return it to Andy Sykes, the Director of Career Services. This will allow the University to evaluate the program, get feedback, and determine the number of connections that have taken place. Alumni and friends are encouraged to give honest feedback about the program and their experience.

What Now?
If you would like to become a mentor, fill out and submit the info registration form below:

Phone [home]:
Phone [work]:
E-mail address:
Year Graduated:

Briefly describe your professional background and experiences:

What are your professional interests?

Do you have an interest in working with students with a particular gender or ethnic background?

If so which one/s?

What do you like to do for fun?

What is your preferred method of communication?

Please check and fill in all that apply:

I am interested in providing long term mentoring and would be willing to work with (number of) students.
I would be willing to answer one time student inquiries for (number of) students.



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