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Business and Information Technology Job Detail:

Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administratio
750 S Plaza Dr Suite 317
Mendota Heights, MN     55120
Phone: 651-605-1238
Job Description:
GreatMoods is looking to accept resumes from outstanding, consistent intern candidates to join our team! GreatMoods is a growing company that offers free online fundraising websites to a wide variety of schools, religious, national and local community organizations. Goal number one of the GreatMoods Internship is to make this an excellent learning opportunity for you and to attain excellent work from you. The better our GreatMoods Fundraising Program features are, the more people we can help to achieve their Fundraising Goals! What will you get out of this Internship? 1. Real world, practical business experience applying the skills you have learned in school. 2. A great business reference to put on your resume to help you attain a quality job. 3. Every piece of work you are doing is helping people accomplish their fundraising goals. What we are expecting from you… 1. Consistent and reliable performance of all commitments, deadlines and goals you make to the GreatMoods Team 2. When you need help, ask for it, when you screw up tell us (we can always fix or find a solution to a problem we know about…nobody is perfect) 3. Be the best and brightest you can be. Be consistent, motivated to develop content, assist others when asked and bring forth fresh ideas for our new updated Version 3.0 of our GreatMoods Fundraising Program. The very best, most successful employees in a company are the ones who you can trust to do the job, who are consistent, honest and reliable. The best interns with quality practical experience always seem to become the most quickly hired students when out of school. This opportunity will give you great practical Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administration experience working with our multimedia team creating a wonderful fundraising program that helps fundraising groups nationally. Again, this internship can be used for credit, to gain great practical experience, be added as a national project to your portfolio / resume, as well as a quality business reference. This position is 10-20 hours/week, part time, and we offer the convenience of working from home and/or our office with flexible hours! This is a perfect opportunity for any busy college student! The Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administration Internship Job Responsibilities: • Assist in the setup of more than 70 online fundraising stores • Setup products within those stores via the back office • Merchandise those products to increase fundraising sales • Bundling products, creating product ad copy and developing merchandising collages • Collaborating with the GreatMoods staff on marketing and advertising materials • Helping come up with new marketing tactics aimed at specific clients or consumers • Researching the market and which strategies will be most beneficial • Writing marketing, sales, and training content • Researching products and suppliers • Coordination of team members to complete projects Qualifications: • At least some experience or knowledge in the fields of marketing, sales, merchandising, and advertising as well as familiarity with social networking sites and technology • Basic skills in listening, problem solving, multi-tasking, and knowledge of customer service • Microsoft Office and Excel are recommended The Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administration Internship will provide you practical experience in: • How research can effect marketing and advertising strategies • How to merchandise products and work with suppliers • Social media and researching skills • Communication and writing skills • How to coordinate team members • Real professional experience in the work environment • Great letter of recommendation from our staff and business reference GreatMoods wants this to be a valuable internship experience for you! The internship application/form for your school credit(s) has its own specific forms and requirements that we will work with you to complete. The internship experience is to benefit you, the intern, in gaining real experience in the application of what is being taught, to compliment, learn, and utilize the skills that are presented in a school program. The intent of our internship is to provide a great, "real world" practical experience in the field of your study and a quality business reference when completed. This is an unpaid internship. Interns need to work with their school requirements for credit. There are no required specific "hours" in any day to work, and we presume the work will be done from your school or home. Generally the length of the internship is for a semester (about 16 weeks). With our program you will have the opportunity to work in a fun and flexible environment, receive college credit, gain a quality business reference and expand your knowledge in the field of Marketing and Administration. If you could please answer the following questions to get you setup and off to a productive Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administration Internship for your School Credits and a Reference for your Resume. Please answer these questions and include them in your application email: 1. When would you be available to start the GreatMoods Marketing, Product Merchandising and Administration Internship? 2. What days of the week and hours work best for you? (Some of this will be later at night, which is fine) 3. Would you like to be a Project Manager? (If yes, then you need to show us consistency on your first Project we assign you) 4. Which Projects are you capable of and which projects would you like to work on? In addition to what we assign, we will try to achieve your objectives also. 5. Do you need any help with filling out information for your College Credits? (The Information above should be more than adequate to complete your application for credits with your Advisor we have found) Please email these answered questions and your Resume to In the Subject Line please type in “(your name) Information Requested to Begin Internship” The GreatMoods Team is looking forward to working with you! Thank you for your time and consideration! Alyssa Blank GreatMoods Internship Coordinator


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