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What is the Career Services Office?

The Career Services Office assists students and alumni in meeting their career and employment goals through a variety of career development and preparation services.

The Career Services Office performs the following functions:

  • Assists students and alumni in locating volunteer, part-time and full-time job opportunities.
  • Assists students and alumni with developing the job search skills necessary to secure internships, volunteer opportunities, part-time and full-time employment.
  • Develops and maintains effective relationships with appropriate employers and alumni mentors.
  • Offers career guidance and counseling.

The Career Service Office and Argosy University do not guarantee employment or any particular level of compensation following graduation.

Where is Career Services Located?

Career Services is located within the First Floor Commons in room 1050

Argosy University,Twin Cities
Career Services Office
1515 Central Parkway, Room 3063
Eagan, MN 55121

Andrew Sykes

Director of Career Services

Amanda Johnson
Career Services Advisor

Employer Assistance

Argosy University, Twin Cities's Career Services Department strives to develop productive relationships with employers. Our services can assist employers in locating quality candidates.

  • To post a position, simply email a job description to or fax it to 651-994-0144.

  • Employers are encouraged to recruit on campus. There is no cost to the employer and there are a variety of options available. Employers can set up tables for recruiting, arrange to conduct interviews on campus or host special events. To make arrangements contact Andy Sykes, Director of Career Services. by e-mail at or by phone at 651-846-3388

Any questions or requests for information can be directed to Andy Sykes, Director of Career Services, at 651-846-3388 or by e-mail at .


Services for Students and Alumni

Career Counseling
Receive individual assistance with career planning and preparation. Career counseling can assist you in developing short and long-term career goals and in creating specific action plans to meet your aspirations. This service is especially helpful for those who are changing careers.

Job Search Advising
A Career Counselor can assist you with the entire job search process including where to look for jobs, how to prepare job search correspondence, and how to interview and negotiate salaries.

Library and Web Resources
A variety of online and print resources are available in the Career Services, Resource Center (Room 3068) to help you research job opportunities, write a resume or curriculum vitae, explore volunteer opportunities, and prepare for the job search process.

Job Postings
Students and Alumni can look through numerous job postings in the Career Services, Resource Center (Room 3068). Many employers send job postings directly to Argosy University/Twin Cities's Career Services Department.

Resume, Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter Assistance
Receive feedback on how to make your resume, curriculum vitae or cover letter more appealing.

Workshops and Programs
A variety of career-related workshops and programs on various topics will be offered throughout the school year.

Job Fairs and Industry Speakers
Job fairs provide students with the opportunity to meet employers and learn about job requirements. Industry speakers are invited to campus so that students can hear from knowledgeable people about industry trends, employer needs, and ways to prepare for their field and the job market.

Networking is one of the most effective ways of obtaining employment. Learn how to identify networking opportunities and cultivate professional relationships.

Interview Coaching
Discuss questions/concerns that you have about the interviewing process and receive feedback on how to interview more effectively.

Salary Negotiation and Managing Job Offers
Although salary negotiation is a critical component of the job search process, it is often the most overlooked. Learn specific strategies for effectively negotiating salary and benefits by scheduling a time to discuss salary negotiation or attending a salary negotiation workshop.

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